Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Yesterday I spent ages, in fact way too long on the Internet trying to buy things I had run out of, materials that I needed, I had a very large shopping list of art supplies that people had recommended.

I didn't manage to buy everything on my list but got a good amount to play with and add to my collection. It was very frustrating looking on several different sites trying to find the right things and at a reasonable price. It amazes me how much the prices vary. To tell you truth I was quiet grumpy by the end not excited like I normally am at the opportunity to buy supplies!

However this morning the postman came very early and dropped a parcel through my door. In my hast I had forgotten that I had ordered supplies and was over the moon to find one of my orders had come so quickly!

I even had time for a little doodle and now I'm not grumpy but like a child in a sweet shop!


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  1. Happy New Year and that sounds like fun! Happy to hear you are enjoying the start to the New Year by ordering supplies. Enjoy playing with them :)