Monday, 28 January 2013

New rooms

Just before Christmas John (my 4 year old) found a magazine with this picture in it:
"Mummy daddy I need our room to look like this!" Ok so this might be a little out of our reach but yes I had to agree with him it was a lovely room and we haven't done anything on the house recently.
So John agreed to move out of his room and share with his little brother George, so that we could change his room into an office work space, and the room I was camping in could be decorated and then he could in turn get a much larger bedroom. Whilst writing this I do feel a little guilty that I have moved my son out of his room and I'm currently enjoying his old room! But it will mean that things will get done sooner rather than later! And he does love being with George and has the top bunk so smiles all around.
So here are a few pics of the studio / office space in the process!
Lots of painting
Almost white...
New desks and the beginning of cupboards
More cupboards and my wonderful hubby putting them up (doesn't like his photo being taken)
This is the kids helping me unpack but we ended up making new artwork instead which I think was a better plan!
And this is the new room..we are just waiting for the floor and then it's complete!

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