Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year and new Goals!

Ok so I managed to blog yesterday and today I'm here again. After two months of nothing I'm now back! November and December we very busy creating pieces, posting and getting out to lots of different markets and even one weekend I had three markets to attend.

This year I have a few resolutions - no more piles! - not the bottom sort either I'm talking about piles of paper, clothes, toys you name it things that are put to one side to deal with later but actually end up growing into a tower!

Blog more - I find it very hard to find a little bit of time to write. I have also brought an new app so I have a better chance of making it happen.

Take more photos - no excuses just got to remember to capture the moment.

George concentrating very hard on the iPad

Not let the kids wind me up - ok failing that already!

Draw more and add sketches it's fun and I have a new scanner to learn how to use.

I have also joined Carla Sonheim's year of the Giraffe Class, which I'm hoping will help me be more creative and push me into new things. I love giraffes (well you would have to if you take on a whole years creative project focusing on giraffes!)

Happy New Year and I hope you have some great plans for 2013!


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