Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Busy weekend.

It's been all go this weekend. I went to the Printstudio in London to have my work scanned professionally, all ready to be printed. Edd looked after me and was really fast at getting everything scanned I think I might have talked too much (I don't get out to see grow-ups very often)!

Friday Night Sale - Harry Hare
Saturday Sale - Ginger Cat
Following my first sale on Wednesday I then managed to bag a second sale on Friday night and another on Saturday! Addmittedly it was during the time I was on the Buy and Replace (BNR) with British Sellers on Etsy. A BNR for those that haven't been to one is a treasury list of 16 lovely items and if you buy from a shop on the treasury list your shop then replaces theirs. I helped out with manning the site for a few hours on Sunday but because it was so addictive I ended up being on the Internet quite a lot - sorry anyone who wanted me at the weekend.

Here are a few photos of the things I bought whilst on the BNR. from All Needles Great and Small and the shop is from Rachel Elliott Glassworks and her shop is

I have also started to put to use my new art materials including all that pink paint I have bought, I just hope that the work comes out as it is in my head! - Watch this space!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My First Sale

Last night was my first sale. I put my listing on late Tuesday night which got a few views and and one favourite and by 9pm last night it was sold, in less than 24 hours! Amazing and I never considered it would happen like that!

Here is a little peek at the Hare that sold, it's not my personal favourite piece. It nearly didn't make it to the website but art is something that you enjoy personally and everyone is not going to like everything you do.

So since last night I have been having a little dance to myself. I have just got to get this little chap in the post and safely off to America!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Chocolate cake and sneaky peak at my work...

Last night was mad and I never got chance to do anything except eat chocolate cake! YUM YUM

Here are a few pictures of the kitchen before and after making cake with the kids!

Plus my taste tester!

Here are my latest pieces of finished work...

 My pumpkin ...with some new twists to come plus other veg too.

My Forest Painting - I love painting trees!
 Sorry the pictures aren't great I need to sort the lighting out! - One thing at a time :-)

Monday, 6 February 2012

To buy a scanner or not to buy a scanner...& Snow!!!

In the week just gone I have begun to notice that some shops that offer prints seem to sell quite a lot as they are more affordable. So I started to look into scanners, printers and companies that offer this service. I spent the week trying to bid on an A3 scanner on EBay but didn't win as there was too many after a bargain. After looking at the costs of buying a decent printer I would have to sell 35 A3 prints to cover the costs of the printer, which doesn't sound like many but you might as well say 1000 as I haven't managed to sell anything so far :-( So the new plan is to use the facilities at London Print Studio and get some tuition on how to do it, this is something that I wouldn't get if I was just buying the equipment at home.

Last week I started a new painting. Here is a sneak preview of how far I got, although it isn't finished I was very happy with the progress and today I managed to finish it off but I didn't get chance to take any pictures.

Whilst I was painting this I left my pallet in the room covered with cling film to keep the paints for later, I then moved them off the table onto the floor out of the sun so that they wouldn't dry out. Little did I know that George would let himself in whilst Daddy was in charge and dip my oil pastels in the paint through the cling film and leave his own little doodle on my easel!

This is a photo of John enjoying some painting in my room on my easel as I was rearranging the room to use.

Enjoying the ride!