Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Believe it or not..

This morning my desk was empty, I could see a white desk and now an pile of work has piled up on my desk!

Just trying to find out how much stock I have to take to my stall next week, as I will be at Camden Market on Friday 5th April 10:00am - 6:30pm I hope it gets a little warmer.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bad Morning????

Hello all
After a morning of trying to get a new piece drawn up I was up and painting which was a lovely feeling then I got a bit carried away and didn't wait for my work to dry! Which ended up in a bit of a smudgy mess :-(
 So instead of throwing it away I decided to experiment a bit....and again a bit of a mess!
Grand old mess!

 But it was just nice to throw around the inks and paint without a care. So then I started another piece and made a hash of that too...ok I'm now very frustrated and feeling very angry. So I took my anger and attacked a couple of pieces of paper and now I feel much better!

Kitty in the garden

Queen Bee

 I stopped trying to be neat and had some fun!

Monday, 11 March 2013


Just when you thought spring was on the way, it has turned cold again..bbbrrrrrr

Last week we had warm weather of 18c which is light jumper weather, no coats, boots, scarfs etc then Sunday something happened it got so cold it tried to snow! And as I write this it is trying again!

We need spring to come so I have found a few new colours to brighten up the day....

In the mix I have added some other greens and blues to show the different tones.

Here are a couple of my new pieces that I have painted with some of the up and coming trend colours, Emerald Green, Colbolt Blue and an old favourite of mine teal.

Emerald Green Broovh
Colbolt Blue Waves

Aqua Teal Water Lily

Fingers crossed for a warmer week or even better a warmer weekend!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Promotion March

For the whole of March selected UK sellers on Etsy are offering free shipping* within the UK including ME! Just choose your items and enter the coupon code FREEMARCH13 at the checkout.

Modern Wood Brooch, Geometric Curve Brooch, Hare Badge, Rabbit Pin, Pink, Red, White and Gold

Here are some of my favourite shops that are offering free shipping this month:

Dr Who Dalek mug by Mr Teacup
Mr Teacup

Read More Books typographic print on vintage dictionary art
Wall Envy Art

Mens knit hat, guys slouchy beanie, custom made in any colour.
Miss Bell UK
hare and moon, original felt wall art,hare and moon, hand embroidery, Bathed in moonlight
Sue Forey Fibre Art
 and my good friend Alex..from Creating Trouble 
Blue-Green Glass Mosaic Pendant, Square Pendant
Creating Trouble
To find out which other shops are offering free shipping in the UK click here and don't forget to enter the coupon code FREEMARCH13 at the checkout.

*(min spend £10.00 in my shop other shops min spend vary)