Monday, 19 November 2012

Staying Organised

Well it's not easy to be organised to start off with. With children you find that you have to be organised just to get out of the house on time and still have time for the unexpected happenings that occur along the way, not to mention the kid's own free will to do their own thing.

At the moment we live in a house that we have been doing up for the last 7 years. We haven't done much to the house since we have had children. John is now 4 going on 5 and a full time school, George is 2 going on 3 and spends 3 mornings at nursery. So time is short and I get little time for crafting. Should I ever quickly nip off to do a job whilst the boys are at home you are never quiet sure whether you will return to my little man doing the same thing or pulling things out of the draws and making his own creation!

  I have lists that come out of my ears,  

  to do books with ideas, and sketch books!
shopping lists, kids to do lists, a diary, house jobs list, cooking list and anything else list. 


This is the only way I can get on is to have lists to organise everything and everyone else my head would be too full! But I have to stick to the lists else I might as well have it all in my head!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Markets In November

I have been busy creating displays for markets the week just gone. Especially for Old Spitalfields market which I had to get it in on the tube, so that meant I had to be able to carry everything that I took. So with a large suite case, a back pack, my chair over my shoulder and a pin board I travelled in to Liverpool street and walked to Old Spitalfield Market.
Here is my stall at Old Spitalfields Market


It was a great market to be at as the stall holders where all a very high quality and the shoppers where there to buy something special, I hope that we managed that between all of us. Thanks to Mary from We Make London for organising the stalls. I think they had a great time selling the book Inspired London too.
The next place to find me is at Breakspear School this Friday 16th November between 7 and 10pmBushey Road, Ickenham, UB10 8JA
Then:The Duck Pond Market Ruislip on Saturday 17th November 10am and 3pm

The Duck Pond Market Ruislip on Sunday 18th November 10am and 3pm 

The Duck Pond Christmas Market at Harrow Arts Centre on Saturday 8th December from 11am

The Duck Pond Market Ruislip on Saturday 15th December 10am and 3pm

The Duck Pond Market Ruislip on Sunday 16th December 10am and 3pm

 Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday 22nd December 11am-5pm

Hope to meet you at one of these markets! If you can't make it then I'm available online.