Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Birds, Birds and more birds..

This week I have been creating little cards with birds on; these first two have been created in the style of etcher-sketcher, in one continuous line.
Little Flower Bird

Little Swirly Chick

Dotty Bird

I love creating the dotty art, creates some lovely pieces and lots of lovely colouring  books too. Check out her shop its lovely. These birds will be available soon in my shop at

It was also a week where we had a visitor in the neighbours garden see if you can spot it...
Can you see it? - And yes I know the garden is messy we are in the process of putting in some lovely raised beds to grow our veg in. Check back soon to see the progress!

Here is a couple of close ups of the Heron in question! - Very large bird, I did wonder what was coming into land when I saw the shadow come over!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yeah new business cards!

I love my new business cards and I needed to share them with you! And they came in a lovely boxes too. Can you tell I'm very happy with them!
P.S they are from :-)

Mini Buisness Cards - Lovely

My new buisness cards