Wednesday, 19 June 2013

School Fairs

I'm used to having a stall in a market place but as soon as I do a family orientated event I'm a bit lost. I know as a parent, the kids come first and if they are happy we are happy. So with my first school fair, even though I'm in the Designer Makers area, I thought I would try and caterer for the little people.
I have be up late designing and making a few bits that I hope the kids will like and hopefully not just the girls.
Not only have a got lots of design your own heart badges but cars too!
I also have decorate your own garden stakes complete with magic beans! The garden stakes could also double as a book mark, wall decorations or even a magic wand!

I will be at Preston Manor Lower School, this Saturday the 22nd June 11am-2pm

Friday, 14 June 2013

I can't move!

I've been helping at the pop up shop, making, creating new designs and selling at Camden market.

I now have so many things out I can't move!

So I moved into the kitchen and made some chocolate and banana muffins!