Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A quiet one...making food... yum

Last Monday was Georges first night in his grown up bed. The first night went well but from that night onwards he seemed to get worse with the duvet and ended waking up too many times without the duvet on. Until Sunday night I couldn't take being woken up any more and the sleeping bag came back out! Since then he fights to have the sleeping bag on but sleeps all the way through the night. So adult bed hit, duvet thumbs down an adventure for the summer.

On Friday Daniel had the day off and took the kids swimming in the evening. It was only their 4th time but loved it so much they wanted to stay in the water even with goose pimples all over them! John managed to learn how to float in the water with just his armbands and a small float and was very happy cycling his legs to get himself around the pool. He was so happy with himself. :-)

This week has been slightly quieter I think mainly due to the lack of sleep and the lost voice from the DIY wood filler. But I did manage to try out a couple of new recipes - Soft pretzels from Rachel Allen (which all looked very different - no two were the same but tasted great!) and a Butter Chicken curry from Three Sisters both turned out well.

I manage to finish one of my paintings that I started in my Saturday class (I never seem to finish), I just needed an hour more than everyone else but all the others have been doing it for a few years and some of them have been going for over 7 years. When I first was told this I was worried that the teacher wasn't very good or that there was lots to learn, I now realise that it is because people like the time to enjoy painting.

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