Monday, 6 February 2012

To buy a scanner or not to buy a scanner...& Snow!!!

In the week just gone I have begun to notice that some shops that offer prints seem to sell quite a lot as they are more affordable. So I started to look into scanners, printers and companies that offer this service. I spent the week trying to bid on an A3 scanner on EBay but didn't win as there was too many after a bargain. After looking at the costs of buying a decent printer I would have to sell 35 A3 prints to cover the costs of the printer, which doesn't sound like many but you might as well say 1000 as I haven't managed to sell anything so far :-( So the new plan is to use the facilities at London Print Studio and get some tuition on how to do it, this is something that I wouldn't get if I was just buying the equipment at home.

Last week I started a new painting. Here is a sneak preview of how far I got, although it isn't finished I was very happy with the progress and today I managed to finish it off but I didn't get chance to take any pictures.

Whilst I was painting this I left my pallet in the room covered with cling film to keep the paints for later, I then moved them off the table onto the floor out of the sun so that they wouldn't dry out. Little did I know that George would let himself in whilst Daddy was in charge and dip my oil pastels in the paint through the cling film and leave his own little doodle on my easel!

This is a photo of John enjoying some painting in my room on my easel as I was rearranging the room to use.

Enjoying the ride!



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