Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Birthday!

Yeah it's my birthday today and it is also shove Tuesday where we traditionally eat Pancakes! For breakfast I had pancakes and tonight I was hoping to have savoury pancakes filled with crispy duck...mmm

Here is my birthday card from my best friend...it just goes to show, she is always connected even though we are over 100 miles apart and we hardly get to see each other...love you Bec x


Here are some of my favourite things (not including my lovely friends and family)

These are the stones and bark collected on days out with the boys
Orchids are one of my favourite flowers and the flowers last for a very long time
Dr Who now I'm showing you my geeky side :-) from cheeky geeky.etsy.com
Chilli and spicy food..mmm
Not forgetting my cat


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