Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Caterpillars and Butterflies

At home over the last two weeks or so we have had a little pot of caterpillars that will turn into Painted Lady Butterflies.

 When they arrived they were no bigger than a pencil line and like the story goes the very hungry caterpillar ate and ate and grew and grew.
When the Caterpillars are ready for their transformation they go to the top of the pot, spin a thread and hang in a J-shape.
When they have all formed cocoons they can then be moved to the butterfly tent.
There is something prehistoric about them in this form.
This was just over a week ago in the butterfly tent.
This is 8:30 this morning
Now I knew it wasn't long as they hard started to turn dark and I thought the darkest one at the top would hatch first. However just an hour later after dropping my little one off at nursery I came back to this!
In about 2 hours this little guys wings will be dry, ready for him to fly.

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  1. Fabulous did you acquire them from a farm to hatch out?