Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What to do when the weather is good?

The other weekend we took the boys up to Fryent Country Park (still in London) and there are some amazing views up there, not to mention a great view across Wembley. So for those that thought London was just concrete here is a few photos to prove I'm not making it up.

The view from Fryent Country Park looking over to Wembley Stadium

My boys burning lots of Energy off!

In the woods looking for Mushrooms and Magic things - its a Tree Fu Tom thing
A very large pond where we sat for ages waiting for the ducks to come out of their nest.

If you walk even further into the Country Park there are also horses to be seen too! I think that might be next weekends trip with the boys if the weather is good!


  1. It's amazing how many green spaces there actually are in London. Loving the Tree-Fu Tom reference :)

  2. What a beautiful place, looks wonderful and that is great that your boys enjoyed themselves. Will have to take a visit to this Country Park. :)