Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Painting Workshop


My latest painting has inspired me to show you guys how fun a few simple techniques are to produce a lovely painting.
Blue Dill in my Etsy shop is a lovely silhouette of a umbrella dill flower.

You will need:
Watercolour paper (300grm rough is good choice to get texture)
Watercolour paint
Acrylic Ink (not necessary but nice)
Masking Fluid
Needle/old brush/pen tip(ink less)
Masking Tape


First mark out the area where you are going to paint and remember to leave a border. Then draw your chosen flower, seeds, cat or anything you like, you could even go abstract!



Next get your masking fluid and go over the image that you wish to keep white. Don't do anything to your picture until it is dry and don't use your best brush in the masking fluid! - eek that is a bad way to loose a nice brush.

It should look like this when you have finished. Next mask the edges of the painting. Now you are ready to add the colours. Make sure you mix all of your paint before you start and choose the colours you wish to use as you don't want it to dry before you have finished.

I like to test my colours before I start, in my Blue Dill painting I added Acrylic Pearl Blue Ink to give it a shimmer.

Here I have applied a wash of paint and then dropped in my greys and greens and then a few drops of Acrylic ink. Before it dries too much I have removed the masking take to avoid it sticking to the paper. Then you have to wait for the paint to dry!

Make sure that the paint is really dry before peeling off the masking fluid, this should just rub off with your fingers. Again don't leave the masking fluid on for longer than necessary (too long is days not hours) as it will pull your paper up with it too.

Then tad-da you should have revealed your lovely new painting!

Easy when you know how :-) Send a picture of yours if you wish to my twitter or to Lizzesbeautifulart@gmail.com or if you would like your own but have no time, please feel free to send a request and I'll be happy to create one for you in your choice of colour!

Happy Painting :-)


  1. What a gorgeous tutorial. I love your beautiful painting, and love the idea of making a border around the paper and then painting straight on it. Thank you! xx Love your shop

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  3. Beautiful blues and such a lovely and delicate flower. Nicely done!