Thursday, 12 April 2012

Building Raised beds

This past couple of weeks we have been finishing our raised beds in the garden and I have also decided to tidy the front up at the same time.

This is how we are doing after 10 tonne bags of soil, 5 tonnes of stones, 1sq m of manure and nine 3.6m half size sleepers.

This is what is left of the soil and stones order.

This is my front garden that we are creating a raised bed in. My wonderful husband has been doing all of the wood work and when we moved the first ring into place it was heavy!
Front garden in progress
This is how far we have got on the back of the garden. Four raised beds and all filled to the top with soil, that yes you guessed it had to be wheel-barrowed all the way through the house. My arms ache! I think hubby's arms ache even more.
Back garden raised beds in progress.
Each raised bed takes 2 tonnes of soil the first two were already part full but even at this stage these raised beds had taken 5 tonnes of soil to fill them up!

Henry Hare
More photos on the progress coming soon. Check out for the latest listings including a Hare illustration.

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